About Us

Kerala State Institute of Computing, Government of Kerala under the Department of Culture, Government of Kerala is a prominent institution in the field of educational book printing in Kerala. Since its inception in 1968, the Institute of Information and Literature, which has published over 5000 books in Science, Technology, Humanities, Language and Literature, became an active presence in the academic and intellectual fields of Kerala, creating good books for higher education and publicity. The diversity of topics, the number and number of books in each subject and the various books in contemporary subjects are distinguished by the linguistic institutions from other publishing houses. The language institute has also done the translation of classic works of all subjects. Another area of ​​the Institute is the development and promotion of science and technology. Over 20 sketches of acoustic inscriptions have been published by the Institute. The institute has published about 25 dictionaries, including the largest language dictionary in Malayalam language, in Malayalam language since Vedamaravalli. The institute specializes in the areas of literary reform and Malayalam computing. The only linguistic magazine in Malayalam is published by the Kerala Language Institute.